Innovation Mako’ Tea

In Mako’ Tea there are a number of remarkable innovations that significantly differentiate it from existing products and give its Premium and Innovative character.

All innovations are oriented to make this drink a healthy product with a pure, original and authentic natural flavour.

1) Natural Infusion

To prepare Mako’ Tea we use directly brewed natural tea infusions (White and Green teas depending on the product).

By using a highly concentrated tea infusion, instead of the usual tea extracts, we reach 2 objectives:

  • A production process that is much more natural
  • A product with a more harmonious flavour and with a wider range of nuances without adding flavourings as most other drinks do to enhance their flavour.

2) Concentration and Purity

Mako’ Tea offers a “true” tea content far superior when compared to competitive products *

* 18 grams per litre vs. 1.1 g/l in the best selling product in Spain.

3) Low In Calories

Mako’ Tea is a low calorie drink with no added sugars. In order to obtain its distinctive natural sweetness, Mako’ Tea incorporates Stevia from a natural source, which together with the fruit sugars, results in a product with a low Glycemic Index, and only 18-20 kcal per 100ml.


4) Flavour

Mako’ Tea offers truly unique, original and refreshing flavours from concentrate juices, with no addition of artificial flavours.

5) Natural

Mako’ Tea has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

6) Balance

Mako’ Tea is a drink suitable for all audiences. It is healthy, innovative and with a delicious, pure and original flavour.